De’Anna’s Story


Most people assume De'Anna's Hypnosis expertise focuses on putting you to sleep, when really it is her tool to wake you up!

  • In-demand, main stage entertainer and educator for the past 20 years

  • Experienced veteran of more than 2,000 shows and presentations

  • High-energy, professional, tasteful, and appeals to all audiences

  • Completed over 50 marathons- she knows the mindset of determination (all coming from a girl who use to smoke cloves under her high school bleachers)

  • Published Author

  • Professional Coach having facilitated transformations for many high achievers

De’Anna is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, Certified Coach and seasoned leader from the stage for over eighteen years. Fortune 500 companies such as Aflac, Mercury Insurance, Coldwell Banker, EMC and Harley Davidson have brought her in as their keynote speaker/entertainer. 

She considers her work to be purpose driven. Raised in a family with love and dysfunction too, De'Anna has made it her mission to focus on the lessons derived to help others thrive.  She is relentless in teaching healthy, successful mindset strategies that deliver you to your goals and push the limits of your own perceived potential. 

Having felt the pain of a messy childhood, she credits that very struggle as the catalyst that caused her to seek out the work she does today as a Peak Performance Expert, Coach and Trainer, Speaker and Author.

Just recently, she completed her 18th successful contract speaking and edutaining Internationally for Norwegian Cruise lines worldwide, as well as toured Japan, Okinawa and Korea for the US Marines, both entertaining and empowering the troops.

She is the only female Speaker to contract with the U.S. Marines for 20 years. 

Even when she’s easing your day with a few laughs from the stage, her goal is to provide you tangible tools that build a strong, unshakeable mindset. De’Anna says, “Addressing the subconscious mind is vital to your success. You must engage the beliefs and habits that reside below the surface to truly grow to your potential.”

De'Anna is the published Author of Burn Your Fat Pants, a book on the Mindset for healthy weight, as well as Selling with Synchroncity with acclaimed Speaker and Sales Coach, Ursula Mentjes. She has also created several ebook publications on mindset, subconscious health and goal setting and made the Top 10 readership list on for her articles on mind-body health. 

Her clever training style has lead health initiatives for working women in twenty-four states where ladies shed 20 to 120 pounds using her self-hypnosis and peak performance techniques. In another project, hundreds quit a life-long addiction to nicotine in a program sponsored by the California Department of Health and Human Services. De’Anna herself has completed thirty marathons, and a few ultra-marathons, putting her vital-mind-power teachings to the test.

Downtown sunny San Diego is the heart where De’Anna calls home. She enjoys an urban, active lifestyle with her husband, kids and dog Nacho. When you catch up with her you may be running the waterfront or boating the bay with family. Her eldest is a firefighter paramedic who also lives in Southern California whom they all consider their family hero


Interested in working together? 

De'Anna Nunez, Founder of Vital Mind Inc.

Phone: 619-993-9855

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De'Anna Nunez leadership focus:

It is my belief that every individual is powerful beyond measure. It is my quest to illuminate that belief through heart-connected work that shifts people, individually and/or within organizations, into purpose-driven people that contribute greatly to their work, their health and life, and choose to be the kind of people who strengthen communities by showing up in their state of peak performance, which I lovingly refer to as your Vital Mind.  

Our Top 6 Core Values at vital mind inc.:

  • Truth

  • Trust

  • Compassion

  • Creativity

  • Leadership

  • Perseverance

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotist and received her training through the San Diego Institute of Hypnosis and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.
  • She has furthered her education to include Humanistic Neurolinguistic Psychology and is Certified as an NLP Practicioner through Life Design International.
  • De'Anna holds additional Hypnosis certifications for Hypnobabies Birthing, Sports Improvement, Weight Loss Therapy, Smoking Cessation, Healing Metaphors and Performance Coach. She has added a Certification in Fitness Training and Run Coaching as additional knowledge to better serve her clients improving their health and fitness.