Are you an emerging achiever that sometimes gets stuck in unbeneficial thinking loops or patterns? 

You could use a super-boost to get you on track?

I facilitate a process for you to breakthrough subconscious setpoints so you can regain your focus and get the boost you need now to get back on track and move forward.

Laser your focus and blast open your potential! 

I've got a plan for your success. Let's get started!

The Ultimate You Performance Boost


  • Goal Clarification process 
  • ReCode Your Subconscious session - this session gets you to think like successful people think and rewire your brain to align. 


  • Goal Getters Action guide (Authored by De'Anna)
  • Peak Performance Audio mp3 (Hypnotherapy Audio)
  • Power Pause Self Hypnosis Technique 
  • 2 hours of awesomeness


Awesome Self Growth Guide

  • A customized ebook delivered via pdf after your session that serves as a personal blueprint! 




 Your 2 hour session can be conducted over the phone, video conferencing or in person in San Diego. Limited spots available. 

Fee: $598.00 (invoiced online at time of booking) 

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