A Vision of Vitality for Business and Life

"She really connected well with our employees. Great lady. Great show. Great message. Wonderful enthusiasm. We loved her."

- Kinnan Stockton, President of First State Bank Texas

Do you have room to grow your success?

Hi, I'm De'Anna Nunez and I help professionals smash their goals with much less stress.  

The value I bring is through targeting your subconscious setpoints; a paradigm or habit that is limiting your performance.  

Through an interactive, edutaining keynote presentation I teach proven formulas that subconsciously leverage essential excellence on purpose:

  • The ACUTE FOCUS method

  • The VISIONARY GOAL technique

  • The ONE AMAZING HABIT process  

  • The VALUES-CENTERED exercise

If you could be 30, 50 or even 75% more effective in your mindset, would you be willing to learn my proven methodology?

You will learn. Laugh. Implement your best mind-power assets. 

De'Anna has presented for...


De'Anna brings lighthearted humor.

Educational and fun too!

De'Anna is celebrating 9 successful contracts with Norwegian Cruise Lines this year; shows and seminars presenting mindset techniques and edutainment to Live Your Best Life!