Stop Stress Eating, Make More Money, Lead with Confidence

I see a growing tribe of women that are in control of their career and business priorities. It’s exciting to watch them head start-ups, lead their brand or create marketing brilliance. Meanwhile, their health priorities get pushed to the bottom of their project list.  It’s not their intention, but it happens. They are finding themselves overweight,  a little sluggish and not as confident as they use to be or would like to be in their body. Dropping in on a periodic yoga class is just not doing it.

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You are ambitious, have areas of focus that you thrive in and are seen as accomplished.  Yet behind the scenes you manage those demands by rewarding yourself with food and alcohol and it’s caused you to put on unnecessary weight.  You’ve learned to distract from stress by numbing out, escaping, or feeling instant gratification that comes so easily with salty and sweet foods or a mild buzz.  The strategy seemed to work for a while, but now it's caught up with you and it's time to do something. 

Your hustle may be stealing your health.  

Forbes magazine recently published an article identifying stress as being associated with physical problems such as headaches and weight gain. The American Psychological Association research shows connections between stress and food.  “People tend to seek high-calorie, high-fat foods during periods of stress, though in fact, when people are stressed, their bodies store more fat than when they are relaxed.”

Okay so you're getting the message, stress is greatly influencing your poor eating habits. Have you been busy on a project and don’t feel that you have time to make purposeful food choices, so you eat whatever is easy? Other times, you may be eating as a reward because you need that sense of gratification from a long work day?  I know, I know....the dog didn't really eat the plate of french fries. 

Beware, those behaviors are a subconscious brain trick!

The feeling of satisfaction produces hormones such as serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine in the reward center of your brain.  The feeling (emotion) of gratification or satisfaction is then linked to food unconsciously.  Therefore, you associate the food as being the reward and you keep looping in an unhealthy mindset cycle that leaves you overweight, or worse, diet looping and overweight.

When food becomes a component in your habit loops, you develop mindless eating behaviors that lead to extra weight until suddenly one day you realize, "Hey, I 'm not feeling so good about myself!"

You're not the only one.  The American Psychological Associations says, “Forty-nine percent 49% (almost half of adults) report feeling disappointed in themselves after having overeaten or eaten unhealthy foods.  46% report feeling bad about their bodies, and more than one-third (36%) say they feel sluggish or lazy.”

What really breaks my heart is...

These eating behaviors are likely in direct conflict with your personal values. For example, If your intention is to lead your life with confidence, freedom and self trust in your decision making, you may be eroding your own self value by allowing negative eating behaviors to continue. That is not suitable for a super woman like you. C'mon.  

So, what do you do to release from this imprisoning habit loop?  Resolve the inner conflict. Start by recognizing the high dividends that come from the personal accountability of caring for your body. It is a fundamental practice that provides a sense of internal wealth, self control and self love.

Jaylene Welch shed 105 lbs in the Mind Body Fit Club. The benefits far exceeded her weight loss. She developed the confidence to leave an unhappy marriage, quit a dead-end job and double her income.  Watch her video story here

I support the body-positive movement as it showcases women's worth at all sizes and shapes.  It's so awesome! What I'm  truly concerned about, is your healthy mindset, regardless of size or weight. Stress can be a gripping force that steals your clarity and the ability to make the best choices for your health. 

Many of my own clients have participated in fun physical events like half marathons, traithlons and hiking excursions and prove they can do it at a weight they thought would be impossible.  The goal is always to facilitate an incredible Mind-Shift that supports their further development and even carries over in their leadership skils.  The focus  is on their mindset for managing their health. Weight loss becomes a happy by-product or result of that goal. 

You can Reverse the Cycle.

There are astonishing benefits to living in a healthy, thriving body that reverse the cycle and create a healthy mindset loop. When you are actively reducing stress through exercise and good nutrition, you have more energy for all other demands.

When you feel the magnetic energy that is produced from exercise and nutrition, you naturally feel more confident.

When you are more confident, you feel a greater sense of worth and purpose.

When you are connected to your worth and purpose, you tend to take more courageous life and career risks and demand your worth.  See how that positive ripple effect works in your favor?

By focusing on shifting your mindset and subconscious eating and exercise habits, you truly possess the qualities of an exuberant leader. Knowing how to manage yourself with excellence is an attractive quality people admire and it builds leaderhsip trust.

Mostly importantly, you build self trust and believe yourself when you say you're going to do something about your health. 

Take action now.

1-    Put Real Accountability In Place. Those who manage their weight successfully hold themselves highly accountable to their eating behaviors.  Join a specialized group or accountability with a coach that encourages intuitive eating and long term stress management care.  Beware of 30 Day challenges and diet-focused programs.  These are temporary fixes and can cause the looping effect to continue. 

2-    Have A Plan For Stress Relief. Often the pitfalls in following through with healthy habits is not having a solid plan in place to relieve stress.  Make it simple, repeatable and fun.  Your subconscious mind can focus better on specificity and structure so make a short list of activities outside of work and family demands that fill your spirit with joy.  Recognize it as a necessity, not a luxury.

3-    Practice Self Compassion. The negative internal self talk that arises from depleted body esteem does not match with the fresh start you need to make better choices and live your worth.  Choose to practice compassionate self talk and coach yourself with body positive language.


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De’Anna Nunez is a Mindset Coach, Speaker and Author that travels the world teaching the subconscious facets of success through mindset, belief and behavior change. As a trained Hypnotherapist, she uses her expertise to reveal mental blocks and help you design a healthy life of purpose and passion.