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We are doing an upcoming 12 week > Change Up Your Life Challenge and...

You’re invited!! 

Your Mindset about nutrition and exercise will determine your healthy weight results. Set it right in 12 weeks or less to bring you success for a lifetime!


Because of our program, Jaylene Welch shed 105lbs., she left an abusive marriage, left a dead-in job and had the confidence to land a new position and doubled her income. Whoa!! Watch her full story here

How awesome will you feel on Dec 31st this year (can you believe it’s only a few months away?) having ALREADY accomplished losing extra weight, igniting your energy and having the confidence to step into your most energized life?

You know that feeling. When you’re excited about what you want to create for your future when it’s New Years eve? Well, that starts now.

I will help you create the healthy habits to ACCELERATE your results.

But first, let’s talk about Why it matters…

WHY does your life matter? Why do you matter? This is a big question that I ask in my book, and it’s a question I want you to ask yourself. So often we are busy running around being busy, we forget how much we matter to our life and the love people who love us. Isn’t investing in yourself to uplevel your health a wise investment?

It always is.

And when it works, the people around us agree…”You’re worth it.”

The big WHY is a fundamental part of my healthy weight program. How I facilitate this weight loss process is totally different than all other health coaches. We focus from the inside-out. Being that my expertise is Hypnotherapy, I am well versed at helping you breakthrough mental blocks. And one of the ways I do it is through your emotional connection to LIFE. I guarantee you’ll feel sooo alive and motivated tapping into this, and it will automatically propel your momentum to take care of yourself .

Genelle Rich is a successful, confident business woman, yet her weight struggle was the one thing she couldn’t master, until she learned her WHY through this program. Watch the video!

So here's the thing....

I’m putting the final touches on this friendly 12 week group experience using all my expertise of mindset, hypnosis, speaking, business, fitness, Coaching. I will help you:

>dial in your mindset
>create empowered nutritional choices
>develop a real sense of mindset strength and confidence
>exercise on-demand motivation  (I will teach you how!!)
>a stronger sense of self worth

If you’ve been feeling stuck or unclear, overweight or overwhelmed, or hiding behind a mask acting like everything’s okay when it’s not, this fun and mind-altering challenge will be the meaningful catalyst that breaks you free.

 MY process ACCELERATES your results. And I’m guaranteeing it. 💯%

 Imagine starting 2019 in a few months having ALREADY ACHIEVED - and made your way through the Holidays with focus and mindfulness. (Falling off the wagon will not be your excuse this year).  

The CHANGE UP Your Life CHALLENGE. It’s designed for those that have been a constant dieter in the past, those who avoid dieting, or those who are just plain inconsistent.

Those who have worked with me KNOW my coaching style is the ideal mix of intention, push, flow, growth and the right amount of motivational-discipline.

I’ve got my SUPERPOWER expertise of Hypnosis as the secret weapon to breaking thru mental blocks. (Wooooot for the big guns 💪🏼) and you’ll have the group for AWESOME accountable implementation.

Be 86% more successful!!

That’s right- research shows you are 86% more successful at falling thru in a group program. 
You know you can’t talk yourself out of it or drag your feet when you’ve got people supporting your aspirations and taking the actual steps with you.

There will be weekly Hypnosis sessions and continual support and guidance.

Over $1500 in value.

I’m charging $498.00 for this 12 week program and it will become MBFC’s regular online course that teaches all the tools of intuitive eating, on-going motivation, and courageous confidence! All the weekly videos and teaching modules will be recorded and available at your convenience. But it's THE ONLY time I'll be doing this LIVE with YOU!! 

That's why it's important to do this NOW. 

You get the entire course now for an early bird price!

Just $398.00 Today (Oh, and did I mention? Your Spouse can join us for free!!)

It would be absolutely insane of you to NOT do this, because you have everything to WIN from this uplevel-your-mindset course!!!


Are you in? 

 So, listen to yourself....are you tired of saying you want to make changes, but you don’t?

Exhausted from being inconsistent with your health?

It works like magic to internalize your goals!

No more falling off-track, or looping in old-patterns. This is a science-proven methodology that targets your subconscious setpoints and creates breakthroughs that change your life.

Imagine the other great stuff you'll accomlish as you show up to your life and work even more confident in your mind, body and energetic spirit.

Within 12 weeks you’ll develop sustainable skillsets with my proven Mind-Body 7 Step process to reveal and release mental blocks, and recode your mindset.

Oh those darn mental blocks! Say goodbye to them forever

You’ll internalize:

·       Greater confidence using proven mindset techniques

·       Improved healthy habits and weight loss using the One Amazing Habit process

·       A deeper connection to your WHY

·       Learn Intuitive eating skills- have a greater sense of control over your cravings

·       Self-belief and greater self esteem

·       Learning that you matter with a purpose-driven emotional connection

·       How to create On-demand motivation

Don’t overthink it.

Let’s go!

 You’ll receive the following materials:

  • Over 10 Hypnosis Weight Loss and Confidence audio mp3’s

  • A Daily Mind-Body Weight Loss Guide (we call it your Infojournal)

  • 12 Weekly expert Coaching classes

  • Fat Burning Formulas for Nutrition

  • Exercise Recommendations and best practices

  • Mindset techniques that are a serious game changer

  • A Coach that meets you where you’re starting from.

Early bird price: $398.00 until September 15th / $498.00 thereafter (Spouse participates for free!)

Sign up Now! 

Starts September 18th

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