We Strengthen Your Subconscious


Are you perhaps mis-guiding your power of habit or under-leveraging a belief in yourself?

Below are just a few of the unconscious issues that can erode your strength and undermine your success.

  • Saying you want to make a change, but don’t

  • Negative self talk

  • Easily thrown off track

  • A cycling pattern of self sabotage

  • Not getting where you want to go fast enough

Top 7 Benefits in working with De’Anna

  1. Increase daily motivation ten-fold.

  2. Experience a more strengthed focus.

  3. Feel heart-connected to your big why and use it to your advantage.

  4. Know how to execute a specific process that will help you to stop getting de-railed and back on track.

  5. Execute more effectively in a specific area of your life with a clear Vision.

  6. Be astounded that your physical health practices improve with this shift in mindset.

  7. Breakthrough your limiting beliefs.

Are you willing to invest in yourself? Acknowledging the importance of your self-value is a pre-requisite to making progress. De’Anna’s Heart-Centered Peak Performance training is a unique experience of rewiring your mind to strengthen the relationship with your subconscious mind resulting in a deeper sense of self trust and actualization of goals.

De’Anna Nunez offers…

Private clients often see De'Anna when they know they may have underlying strongholds that are stifling their growth and they want to breakthrough to their full potential.

  • Group training adds essential tools to your toolbox and you'll learn how to execute your goals with quality action.

The private sessions I signed up for made a huge difference in my life.”
— Joyce M., Subway Franchise Owner, Virgina
“I lost 105 lbs through De’Anna’s coaching and Hypnosis.”
- Jaylene Welch, Riverside, CA

Hypnosis has long been proven as a viable method for infusing peak performance and wellness related strategies. It is is a naturally induced state of relaxed concentration in which we positively communicate to our subconscious mind and influence what we think, how we feel and the choices we make. 

The Mayo Clinic says, “Hypnosis is a state of mind in which you have heightened focus and concentration .”