I highly recommend booking one of these sessions with De'Anna, I had one with her a couple of weeks ago and it has made a huge difference in my attitude, my view of myself, the actions I am taking, everything! That mindshift has had a huge impact on my daily actions, reactions and decisions. De'Anna you are amazing! Thank you! I finally feel like I am out of my funk and headed in a positive direction, you have inspired me!

"I have improved by 75%.."

"De’Anna’s coaching has made a big difference. I have improved by 75%! I am now making better choices and actually following through. I am more motivated and it has kept me on track to eat healthier, exercise regularly and stay focused.  On a deeper level, I have learned that food is not going to fill me up with love. Before I would eat to fill myself up emotionally. I’m realizing now that I’ve got to take care of myself. I am now changing my reward. Where it was once over-eating, it’s now a yoga class, an enjoyable walk or time with friends.  I use to put myself last on the list. Instead of taking care of everyone else, I am taking care of myself now."

- Julie E., California


"I am free of the past..."

"The private sessions I signed up for made a HUGE difference in my life. I am free of the past, the injured me, the expectations I put on myself, the future I thought I had... free of the bitterness. I am free to accept myself as I am with no expectations to please others for some unreasonable effort to complete some "task" left to me after my mother passed away. It was worth every minute and I am appreciative ... very thankful for the opportunity to move forward with De'Anna Nunez’ help."

-Joyce M, Virginia

"She was a vessel that was used to free me..."

“I denied that my weight issues were anything but "I like to eat, My family loves to eat, that's our social time",etc. I was back and forth, cheering from the sidelines. I made a decision in October 2012 to sign up with De'Anna for a privately Coached training, which in turn changed my life forever. I had carried a burden with me for the past 38 years alone, which was my 'WHY" of overeating and punishing myself. One emotional, very strong session released my burden and I realized that I was a good person, after all. De'Anna guided me through this internal talk utilizing Hypnotherapy. It was like I heard her talking , but it was my life and me walking that walk, giving my 'WHY" a face, a story, a release, courage to make a decision and jump off that cliff to finally free myself of my guilt. She was a vessel that was used to free me and for that, I'll be eternally grateful. I have a long way to go with my weight, but I now am acknowledging that I am a success already!” –Donna, S.C.


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"De'Anna can feel your soul and see the light inside . Will help you to bring the light out,and shine your path like never before. I cannot thank you enough to give me hope ,and remove the dark around me. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! GRAZIE !!!"

- Bianca Silvia Porrina Whitmore, San Diego, CA