De'Anna and her daughter Savvy

De'Anna and her daughter Savvy

My Story

For a span of twenty years I gained and lost 15-40lbs. regularly. I fought with my head and body mercifully. I thought maintaining your weight was about will-power, and I didn't have what it takes. 

Oh boy, was I wrong.

I learned it wasn't about willpower at all. It was about my Mindset and Beliefs.  

Inside were all the lies that I had been telling myself....

"You're not good enough." 

"Food is the only thing that soothes you." 

"You always fall short." 

"You just don't measure up." 

"You're not thin enough."

"Ugh, You're out of control!!!"

Once I admitted to myself that things inside my head needed to change, I got to work. Not on my body with dieting, but inside my head, and this time, with alot more self compassion and curiosity.

As a hypnotherapist, I knew to ask deeper questions. That's when I had what Oprah calls a light bulb moment.  I put my hand on my heart, closed my eyes and aksed myself, how does food make me feel? It hit me!My answer...Food is love.

And then, I said to myself..."WHAT???? Food is Love? "

Well S#?T, No wonder I don't want to let go of bad eating habits? If my mind interprets food as love, well of course I'm so focused on food. IT WAS A BIG AHA MOMENT!!!

I was looking for love often, yet my source (food) was very temporary and it didn't actually make me feel better long term. The formula I had been living by all those years was a big fat lie. Truth. I was never going to get what I really needed from a screwed up deep-rooted habit of depriving, snacking, binging, demanding, shaming, blaming and mindless eating. I needed real love; self love. (Learn more about how you can uncover your unhealthy mindset cycle here.)

The food equals love moment was a turning point for me.

I used my Hypnotherapy skillsets and coaching exercises on myself to help figure it out. Over a short amount of time, about 10 months, I completely shifted my mindset and inadvertently dropped about 30 lbs (for the last time). I have not gained it back since and that was eighteen years ago. 

One of my greatest experiences was helping Jaylene Welch, an MBFC member, shed old paradigms, a boring job and a husband. She also lost 105lbs...what an awesome journey it was. These are the shorts she used to wear. 

Once you figure out the mindset traps you've been living by, it will be a game changer for you too.

I created the Mind Body Fit Club and it's systems to provide a resource for women to redesign their mindset and go deeper so they can free themselves of unbeneficial internal beliefs and behaviors that have kept them in a body they've not been able to fully embrace.

Our goal is not weight loss per say. Our goal is... body health and happiness. Funny thing is, for many, when they release their negative subconscious strongholds, miracles happen with their body. 

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