What will you be thinking upon your last breath?

Did you live a life truly fulfilled, or were your dreams interrupted by distractions, schedules, poor habits, self doubt or simply not taking focused action? 

Become a Visionary.

The Dream Scene is a vision quest session where you'll be guided through a 2 hour trans-formative experience designed to fuel your motivation and focus your vision on how shifting specific behaviors and choices could make a huge difference in your life. The impact of the session goes beyond thinking and instead elevates you into feeling the experience. 

If you could fast forward to your deathbed, and have some semblance of how you’d feel, ahead of time, would you? I feel like it was such a LUCKY thing I got to do. It didn’t take weeks, or months, or years. It took a couple hours, and it was so valuable to me.”
- Tracy Petrucci, San Diego

The DS session is designed to light an internal fire in you to take on personal responsibility and start leading the life you really want.

Better health and fitness?

Better income?

Higher leadership position?

Closer connections to people?

You'll feel more motivated to live your life as if you are leaving a legacy; to make daily choices that actually make an impact on your life, and leave a mark in the world around you with family, colleagues and your communities.

I encourage those who are looking for motivation or clarity to trust my words and trust De’Anna’s timeline therapy process. I hope that you, too, will surprise yourself by uncovering what’s really holding you back and delight yourself by uncovering the possibility of a brighter life.”

-April, Word Pop Public Relations, Los Angeles

To be able to explore how you may feel, by stepping into what you ultimately want? Its an opportunity of a lifetime, almost like being able to experience your future self.

The Dream Scene vision quest session is De'Anna Nunez' creative spin on a powerful technique, clinically known as Timeline Therapy, originally designed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder at Stanford University in the 1970's. It is based on Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is an approach to communication, personal development and psychotherapy that has rapid results. De'Anna Nunez is a Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner by Life Design Institute in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The Dream Scene session teaches you to trust your decisions and to step-in with confidence and purpose. It's a big game-changer in your path to living out your peak performance and ultimately taking that next big step. 


De'Anna Nunez schedules the DS session's on a limited basis.

The fee is $498.00. It is a start to finish process where you'll have a clear understanding of your trajectory, and the steps to get there, at the close of the session. 2 hours. 

Don't miss out!!

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