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Hello again FSB Team, it was great to meet you. Thank you so much for your time and attention in listening to the strategies I shared, as well actually participating in my presentation.

It was fun, and different, don't ya think?


Is it possible you are working against your subconscious? 


As you learned, to accomplish any of your goals, you've got to get your greater power- your subconscious, on your team.  

I've put together a couple of great resources you can download today so you can begin to leverage your internal assets, build confidence and improve your health, career goals and relationships. Be sure to grab them here! But first, I'm wondering...

What impacted you the most from the presentation? What got you thinking? I'd love it if you'd take just 30 seconds to share, just click right >>>> here


In my presentation, you learned Self Hypnosis as a tool for:

  • focus
  • stress relief
  • goal setting
  • getting connected with your confidence 
  • communicating with the subconscious 
  • empowering your emotional drivers

I'm wondering...

Have you ever had a difficult time moving past a challenging life event? You just can't let it go? Or, trouble following through on a health goal? 

I have put together a Self Hypnosis audio for you to empower your business success. Also, I've included a powerful mini-but-mighty tool, called the UNSHAKABLE MINDSET GUIDE. 

With just 20 minutes a day as you drift to sleep, you can create a HUGE shift in your life.  


Should you decide you'd like more resources, they are available to you below. 

“My mind can get me so distracted. I get bogged down by all the demands, I forget I can actually set goals and attain them. De’Anna’s audios help me tremendously to stay focused and give me a feeling of control over my life.”
-Pete, GA

Now...remember those THREE QUESTIONS I challenged you with?These 3 KEYS will unlock your ability to create anything you want in your life and career.

Get ready to make progress folks...



vital life

In the Vital Life series I have included audios that will focus on your life improvement. Audios that will build upon your success by reinforcing your positive mindset and keep you focused on living your best life. 

This audio series package includes self hypnosis, confidence building, stress relief, improved memory retention and business success motivation. 

healthy mind and body 

In the Healthy Mind and Body series I have put together specific self hypnosis audios that will help you easily shift your habits, such as sugar-cravings, late night eating or blowing it over the weekend. These exact audios have helped people shift their mindset and shed 20-120 lbs. without dieting. Dieting is temporary, whereas creating mindset changes are for your long term success. 

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I lost 55 pounds listening to De’Anna’s self hypnosis audios. I use them faithfully and they work! - Noreen, CA

With the series, I have included some amazing bonus items. My ebook Unshakable Mindset- How to never get derailed from your goals again, and the Mindset Magic guide. 

These audio series are $149.00 but I'm offering a special package just for you at The First State Bank, grab your audio series now for just $98.00. This offer is time sensitive and exclusive just to you. 

offer expires 10/20/17