We laughed, learned and
experienced the power of the mind.” -Aflac, Corporate Regional Meeting, Minnesota


In my presentation and trainings, I address the very real problems a lack of self leadership has on personal performance and teams.

  • Less engagement

  • Inability to adapt to current trends and changes

  • Increased sick days / stress related health challenges

  • Low productivity

  • Poor attitude

  • Lack of Leadership


Companies leading trends are willing to invest in training to retain talent.

They recognize, the need for employees to:

  • Stay focused and produce meaningful work wherever they may be working from

  • Keep up with the pace of transitioning company systems and culture

  • Demonstrate thoughtful communication with customers and teams

These skills are all crucial components to driving business forward and are direct reflection of the inner game of mindset management.


  • I teach simple, innovative mindset techniques through an edutaining, interactive keynote that helps people create higher levels of self leadership success. By breaking through subconscious setpoints you can leverage internal assets and perform more effectively.

THE learning takeaways

  • Experience interactive Mind-science exercises that internalizes company values and improves personal and team performance

  • Learn specific Visual techniques to clarify the project goal or outcome

  • Declare a committed, personal agreement to higher levels of Leadership

HOW MY EXPERIENCE DIFFERS from other speakers and trainers

  • I am the only female Speaker to present Hypnosis presentations to the US Marines for 20 years, embodying the principles of high performance. This track record of excellence is built on the ability to stand out amongst peers, deliver practical, tangible mindset tools and always make it entertaining for learning absorption.

Your next meeting could be both fun and informative!

“De’Anna rocked her talk on Vitality in business.”
-Ursula Mentjes, former past President of CA NAWBO

With almost twenty years of experience as a Speaker & Corporate Hypnotist working with large groups and indviduals, De'Anna's work has revealed the key differences between those that follow through on their goals and those that get stuck in a cycle of wanting but not achieving.

The difference is how they SEE themselves. Vision!

The incomparable Jim Rohn said, "Income seldom exceeds personal development." In my Keynote, I share exactly how to make yourself perform at a higher level of success by anchoring visuals into your beliefs and mindset systems.

Audience Learners Takeaway: 

Learn Exactly How to Use Mindset Techniques to Increase Performance & Productivity

Top Achiever's, from sports to business, know how to create visual cues for focus and goal achievement, and leverage the power of habit to create a system that can be repeated and measured for success. To demonstrate this strategy De'Anna facilitates a self hypnosis demonstration as a tool for powerful visualization techniques to be practiced daily. De'Anna spoke at a recent travel conference where Fairfield Communities said her mind-power demonstration was "Phenomenal. Unbelievably Believable." 

Your audience is guaranteed to experience increased motivation and mindset techniques they can implement now.

Talks designed for: 

  • Conferences

  • Leadership teams

  • Sales teams

  • Franchise Meetings

  • Entrepreneurial groups

  • Multi-level marketing conferences

I’ve long been interested in the science of the mind. I commend you for offering a creative and varied program. Thanks for the great presentation De’Anna.”

-Don Betzold, Attorney, Former Minnesota State Senate

De’Anna is one of the most effective mindset
and motivational Keynote Speakers I have seen!”
-Eva Mondaca Trujillo, MHM Business Network

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Unbelievably believable!”
-Fairfield Communities