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I am in the people business and my goal is to solve a common problem; target subconscious setpoints that keep you from living your healthiest, most productive life and set you on a visionary track to grow personal leadership. 

Through an interactive, edutaining keynote presentation I share the visual and emotional mindset techniques of the world's #1 high performers.  

Laugh. Learn. Implement. 

If you could be 30, 50 or even 75% more effective in your mindset, would you be willing to learn my proven methodology?

“We laughed, learned and experienced the power of the mind.”

-Aflac, Corporate Regional Meeting, Minnesota

Celebrating 8 successful contracts with Norwegian this year teaching the Mindset techniques to Live Your Best Life!

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De'Anna Nunez has taught the Power of Mindset to groups of 50 to 10,000. Join her in the Wake Up 1 Million movement

 Check out the video below!

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Peak performance KEYNOTE SPEAKER

Entertaining & Educational

De’Anna wows her crowds by turning visualizing into success so they can wake up their best. She is a master at motivating her audiences to initate a system of leveraging their subconscious so they can breakthrough setpoints.  Learners will know how to improve their internal communication and use imagery to execute big goals! De'Anna Nunez has worked with groups from as large as 10,000 to a more intimate experience of 50. Her skills are widely adpatable and customized to your needs.


  • Peak Performance
  • Productivity
  • Company Culture
  • Sales Teams
  • Professional Development
  • Wellness

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