First-hand experience working with De'Anna Nunez


Dear De'Anna, 

A few months ago, we were speaking casually about a procedure coming up in my life that I was a little concerned about. I was about to go in for a second biopsy which was very painful the first time around. I was both reluctant, as well as scared for my upcoming procedure. You told me what you had done for others in a similar situation with your clinical hypnosis and that you would be willing to work with me on my fears and the upcoming procedure. Being the skeptic that I am, I questioned whether this could work for me as I have never wanted to be hypnotized, and if this was something that I would be willing to try. After discussing this with my wife, I agreed that I would try it and I asked for your assistance.

Our session started with me being in a rather relaxed state, in a comfortable reclined chair. Through your very soothing and confident voice, you took me down into a very relaxed state of hypnosis. It was a very serene experience for me. You showed me through your words, how I could imagine during my procedure that I could put myself in a very relaxed environment. I imagined that I was on a beach. You had me count down from 10 to a point that my body gave way to a very relaxed, non-threatening state. You showed me how I could control my feelings as well as my sensations of pain where "I" was in control. Following my session, you gave me homework that included practicing what I had learned. I only had 3 days prior to my procedure so I had to work hard.

The day came for my procedure. I went into it with some reluctance and hesitation but, assured that I could get through this without much problem. I told the doctor that I was going to be listening to a meditation on my headphones and that I was going to put myself into a self-hypnotic state. He looked at me a bit funny but, he was fine with it, and we proceeded. Having been through this procedure in the past, I was caught between the reality of what was about to happen, and the confidence that you built into me through our session. Within 30 seconds of putting on my headphones and lying down, I had put myself into a very deep state of relaxation, or hypnosis. I saw myself on the beach. I began counting down from 10 to 3. There I was, lying on my lounge chair, looking at a beautiful sunset. Within what seemed like only 2 minutes, the doctor told me that we were done. In actuality, it was around 15 minutes. Following the procedure, the doctor and his staff were surprised to note that I had not winced once or looked agitated during any of the procedure. I was then told that I will have some bleeding that day as well as for the next few days. To my surprise, I had no bleeding. I mean NONE! Using the techniques that you taught me, I truly believe that I stopped the bleeding and healed much more rapidly than expected. I walked out to the waiting room where my wife was waiting for me. She was shocked to see me come out so quickly and so calm. After which, I said to her, let's go have breakfast.

Suffice it to say, I was more than pleasantly surprised as to the results that I received through this one session I had with you.

You are an amazing hypnotherapist as well as an amazing human being. You made me a believer!

Anybody that is having any issues in their lives, whether it is fear of going in for a surgical procedure like myself, or any other life struggles, they should definitely look you up and work with you.

Thank you so much for your healing thoughts and amazing technique.

Dr. Steven Ross

President and Co-Founder Advanced Medical Academy

Phone: 888-747-8247
Cell: 858-205-9735