"Those sessions are priceless..."

Jennifer's Story

"In Jan 2013, I decided to run the Diva half Marathon in Myrtle Beac, SC with De'Anna's Mind Body Fit Club program.  I went to De’Anna to discuss a training plan and chose to do one-on-one training. As we began she started listening to my fears and doubts regarding the challenge of running 13.1 miles. She asked questions as to ‘WHY’ and it REALLY made me ‘think’ about how these thoughts were developed.  She also taught me ‘how’ to run. I never thought there was a ‘how’, but trust me, she teaches you and it was amazing how my running progressed!

 Then, in April 2013 my world crashed around me. I had a marital crisis! After twenty years and four children I found out my husband was having an affair that was going on for quite some time. Since December the previous year I had my suspicions, but no proof. Well now I knew. It was devastating to say the least.

I thought, “This wasn't my plan. This couldn't be real? Someone wake me up from this nightmare!” I had so many feelings of pain, devastation, rejection, fear. I was numb and paralyzed. All of this came crashing down only three weeks before my first half marathon that I had trained so hard for! I could barely function for my children let alone give anything to me.

 De’Anna got me through those weeks and ran the race by my side. With each and every step, it was moving beyond words for me. It was a symbol of my own strength.  I honestly don't know what I would have done without all of De’Anna's guidance and spiritual wisdom.

 Almost a year has now gone by, and with many, many, challenges in these last months, I'd just like to tell you what De’Anna and her coaching program has done for me…

 Looking back on where we started and where I am today? I feel as though I have, with De’Anna's guidance, blossomed into the Jennifer that I always "knew" was inside of me, but had no idea how to bring her to the surface. It was like a big brick wall that I had no clue how to break through!

A year ago I was insecure and not trusting of myself. I had lost ‘Jennifer’ in the mix of raising four children and a self absorbed husband. Weight had always been a struggle for me, yoyo-ing up and down my whole life. 

 The weekly phone calls with De’Anna and self-growth homework she designed for me really made me dig very deep and find the true me. For the first time, I began asking, "What does Jennifer want, what is best for Jennifer?" The hypnotherapy sessions brought to the surface the ‘Why's’ of a lot of my feelings and habits. Those sessions are priceless! I can't explain it completely, but I’d ‘release’ the issue that I had been holding on to and feel peaceful.... It's amazing!!!!!! 

 Today, I am a confident woman, with goals for my future! The growth that I have made seems surreal as I reflect on all that's happened."

-Jennifer S., New York"


"I have learned that I can realize my goals and dreams..."

"I felt stuck – stuck at my weight, stuck in my fitness, and just plain stuck in my life. I looked at my parents, in failing health, and feared that I was seeing my future. I wanted to make the necessary tweaks to my nutrition and fitness now, so that my future would be better than what I was seeing in my parents. I also wanted to make the changes to be a positive influence in my children’s and grandchildren’s lives. I had spent many years believing that I needed to hide my physical differences because of untrue truths I had let myself believe for many years. What I discovered through my work with De'Anna was that instead of hiding my differences I was destined to use them and my experiences to help other people. I had wanted to be a personal trainer/group fitness instructor/coach for a long time but had let myself believe that I needed to get to the right weight/size/fitness level before I could do it. What I have learned is that I can do all of these things now as I get to the better weight, size and fitness level. Through my work with De’Anna I have learned that I can realize my goals and dreams by helping other people realize theirs. Before I joined the Why Mastermind Group I felt like I was floundering in my life. Now I have found my purpose, direction, and have begun to define my short and long term goals."

-Colleen, New York

"I have learned that I am worthy..."

"I owe many thanks to De'Anna Nunez for her wisdom, her coaching, and her God given gifts that she has shared. Here are a few of the things that I learned, yet words do not do justice to the impact on my life. I learned to stop comparing myself to others, but to compare myself to who I was yesterday. I've learned to have a voice and to use it. I have learned that I am responsible for the choices I have made and the choices that I will make. I have learned that your attitude, your thoughts can turn a negative into a positive. I have learned that I am worthy, I am continuing to learn to be the person I am meant to be, the best that I can be, and along the journey learning to show more love, appreciation and understanding toward myself and to others."

- Melanie M., Washington