Wake Up Renewed: Stress Relief


Wake Up Renewed: Stress Relief


Wake Up Renewed is a package of two powerful Hypnotherapy mp3's:

  • 1 Stress Relief Hypnotherapy session (approx 20 min)
  • 1 Guided Meditation (approx. 13 min)

 is a gentle and relaxing stroll to Quietude. De'Anna guides you through a mountain meadow landscape with nature sounds and relaxation.  Professionally produced by a top Universal Studios sound engineer. 

This mp3 download is the perfect 'power pause' in your day. 

A Few Ideas>>>

  • Use at work or between clients as a pick me up on a break
  • Got a kid in dance or sports? Invest 13 minutes relaxing in the car to this meditation
  • Do you love yoga meditations? This is great as a post workout shavasana
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