Incredible Sports Performance

Do you want to have the ability to zero in on your focus, so that you can create amazing results in your sports performance?

  • Focus 

  • Subconscious Process 

  • Systematized Performance

  • Managing Emotions and Anxiety

  • Sequencing & Positive Triggers

  • Core Value Anchors- Your Big Why!

 De'Anna Nunez is trained in sports performance hypnotherapy. Her methods compliment the body mechanics and conscious skill-sets training athletes relentlessly practice. Consider De'Anna to be your personal mindset coach; the magic behind the scenes. 

Her methods include visualization of body mechanics at prime state, managing emotions and anxiety, creating an intense focus in the minds of her athletes and peak performance confidence.

From belief building, visualization, controlling triggers, to execution, De'Anna works with you to develop your very best. 

De'Anna herself is an athlete that has run 30 marathons and a few ultra's. It all began with training for her first marathon to celebrate her 40th birthday. Her biggest distance was a 75 mile all night trek around Lake Tahoe at elevations of up to 8,500 feet! It took her 15 hours non-stop to complete. Through these experiences she learned incredible mindset techniques that work! They can be used for all types of sports including running, golf, football, archery, basketball and more. She utilizes her formal hypnosis certified sports training in her work and leverages her personal experience to help you reach your mindset goals. 


De'Anna Nunez, CHT. has worked with athletes in the following sports:

  • Running
  • Golf
  • Archery
  • Bowling
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • and more....