Semper Fidelis!

Meet Sal, a proud Marine stationed at Camp Mujuk Korea. 

Meet Sal, a proud Marine stationed at Camp Mujuk Korea. 

It all began in an E-Club on Camp Pendleton in 1999.  A smart and snappy sixty-something year old club manager new just what it took to get her young enlisted Marines in her bar mid-week, after a long day of training. A cold beer and a pretty lady. A few good laughs on top of it, made for a successful evening.

De'Anna and the Marines were a match made in heaven. 

She appreciates the Marines for their grit, discipline and leadership and is always eager to provide them with entertainment as well as a skillset of their own to tap the power of their mind for even greater success. 

Over the past seventeen years De'Anna has presented comedy Hypnosis shows with success takeaways and SmokeFree seminars to Marines across the United States, Japan and Korea. 

You may have seen her at:

Camp Pendleton, Twenty Nine Palms, Camp Lejuene, Quantico, Camp Hanson, Camp Kinser, Camp Foster, Camp Schwabb, Camp Fuji, Camp Mujuk

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