Variety Pack

Congratulations on your purchase! You now have access to your very own Vital Mind Series library. You can listen and download each product at your convenience. 

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(5) Five Powerful Hypnotherapy Meditations with De'Anna Nunez. Listen in now or simply click the download button to download to a device of your choice. 

Instructions for Listening: 

Choose which title is top priority for you. Listen to the audio each night as you drift off to sleep or as a power nap during the day. These audio sessions are hypnosis, so please do not listen while operating a vehicle. 

Listen once or more daily as your new amazing habit. The subconscious responds to repetition and will begin paying attention and recording new information once it recognizes the repetition.

Allow my powerful, positive words to be accepted into your mind, opening you up to happy and successful new habits, feelings and goals. Enjoy! 

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Do you ever feel like life throws you off? Sometimes things trigger you and it takes some time to get refocused or back on track? Learn the steps to creating an Unshakable Mindsetwith De'Anna Nunez' important guide.

Within this quick read you'll learn about healthy and unhealthy mindset cycles, why they exist and how to stay within the awesomeness of your most vital mind cycles so you can experience more energy, happiness, positive habits and focus.