Ideal for large or small group meetings, De'Anna Nunez offers training to educate and transform learners on the vital subconscious aspects of performance and how to shift behaviors and thinking to exponentially drive business. 

Invest in Your Subconscious and Create the intelligence neccessary for business growth and expansion

It is vitally important you leverage the 5 key components of a Vital Mindset to drive your thrive in business (and life, let’s remember how important work-life balance is to your vitality).

In this interactive training, attendees incorporate experiental learning by exposing their business minds to visual strategic thinking, putting life and energy into their goals.

Half day training

Program Overview and Content

1: Goals: Who do you want to be? Incorporate a visionary mindset strategy to 'see' yourself at your goal before you even start. 

Neuroscience shows us through brainscan imagery that our brain literally lights up with creativity. Mental imagery is an important tool to peak performance. The world’s top inventors, visionaries, athletes have done it for years.

When we rehearse visuals of what our successful completion of a project looks like, or the overall-reaching vision of a goal, we have created a visual target for our brain to follow.

2: Trigger Response: What throws you off? Reaction versus Mindfulness thinking

Reactiveness can knock your mindset off track. Discover the triggers that have thrown you off in the past and how can you steer clear the next time creating mindful responses that produce a new result. This is a great tool for salespeople in closing business, team communication creating mindful communication and overall improved leadership.

3: Habits: Do you have that One Amazing Habit in place that fuels your goals?

Behavior is responsible for both driving goals or defeating them. What behavior is causing unnecessary stress? De'Anna teaches how to identify the habits that are not producing results and how to leverage your subconscious with a high return habit system. 

4: Belief systems: Are your subconscious beliefs undermining your goals or providing a strong foundation?

Reveal limiting beliefs and paradigms about your ability to thrive. We all have them and often they are running under the surface unconsciously. Our signature process mindfully reveals them to allow you greater clarity and awareness and a true sense of growth that greatly improves confidence.

5. Subconcious Assets: How often are you reinforcing positive beliefs and behaviors? Our system makes it easy.

We are often so busy working on our business, that we don’t have time to enhance the inner drivers that truly enable us to thrive in that business. Our Values-driven exercise is an incredible process that internalizes your beliefs and anchors meaning into your goals. When we are both psychologically and emotionally connected to the purpose behind our drive, we are more fulfilled and therefore add more value to our companies, clients and relationships.

Add this training to your Keynote package or as a stand-alone.


  • sales performance

  • mindful communicaton

  • motivation

  • leadership

  • attitude

  • productivity

  • goal achievement process

  • healthy culture

You will never change your life, until you change something you do daily.” The key is making the right change and doing it consistently.

-John C. Maxwell
De'Anna Nunez works with sales and leadership teams who want to strengthen their effectiveness.

De'Anna Nunez works with sales and leadership teams who want to strengthen their effectiveness.

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A step by step guide to define the one keystone habit that makes everything else smoothly fall into place. Thank you De’Anna Nunez for sharing your skill with passion and care. It was awesome.”

-Nawel B., CEO and Founder of Dar Nawel

“Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person - not just an employee - are more productive, more satisfied, more fulfilled. Satisfied employees mean satisfied customers, which leads to profitability.”
-Anne M. Mulcahy, Xerox.
Bring in De'Anna for vital mind training!

Bring in De'Anna for vital mind training!