Our mission: 

 Wake Up 1 million people to live their best life. 

The problem we plan to solve:

Too many of us are bumping up against our subconscoius setpoints and allowing past struggles or fear to stop us from creating our best health, wealth, relationships and vitality. 

Our solution: 

It's all about YOU!

To educate you on simple yet powerful mindset techniques that you can implement today and act on them for the next 30 days and beyond.

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1) Commit to improving one aspect of yourself over the next 30 days. (Choose ONE area- health, wealth, relationships)

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How will we achieve our goal of Waking Up 1 million? 

With your help! 

Working with groups, individuals and social media to facilitate learning mindset techniques to improve performance and well being. 

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De'Anna Nunez is the Founder of Vital Mind Training, Mind Body Fit Club and the creator of the Wake Up 1 Million Movement.

Her mission is to help you breakthrough your subconscious setpoints so you can push the outer limits of your potential, feel free and powerful, and serve the world in beneifical, impactful ways. She teaches simple mindset techniques that greatly improve performance.