"I Am Amazing. Pffft, No You're Not." How to Hack Your Subconscious and Make Your Affirmations Stick

Many great self development teachers praise the power of creating and repeating affirmations as a practice toward reaching our goals. Big thinker Napoleon Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich urges us to think with repetition saying, "Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought."

I'm a firm believer in affirmation. My opinion is based on results. I've seen them transform attitudes of mind and even produce an instant physiological shift. John Addison said, "You've got to win in your mind, before you can win in life." I couldn't agree more. In fact, every marathon I've run, I repeat to myself at the start line, "I am choosing to be a finisher."

Your dreams begin in your mind, and there are no limits. Albert Einstein taught us, "the subconscious does not know the difference between real or imagined thought." That means you can involve your emotions, visualizations, and creativity to help you turn fantasy into fruition. 

The Glitch

If your subconscious has formed beliefs that are contrary to the goal, the effort you put into conscious positive thinking will leave you short. Ugh. It can be tiresome. Essentially, you are being undermined...by YOU.

A woman that wants to lose weight looks in the mirror and repeats her positive affirmation…”I am my ideal weight.” She's been told by her coach to do this.

If she’s not in actuality at her ideal weight, her subconscious mind will say, “bullshit!” On a less than motivated day, she herself might even say it out loud too.

She could diligently repeat that affirmation a thousand times and her subconscious will still come back with the same answer. "No you're not. You're still the chubby woman that your husband left for a younger woman." Ouch!

As a mindset strategist, I urge you to do the deeper work. Get your unconscious to agree with your goals by clearing out the mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back. Certainly, let's do this. Yet, in the meantime, here’s a hack that will save you a ton of grief. Whether it's weight loss, becoming a manager, or fiercely paving your own path as an entrepreneur, the secret to making affirmations stick is…using bridge words.

Bridge Words

Bridge words are to the subconscious, what a bridge is to traversing a canyon on your weekend hike. They help you to the other side and save you a ton of extra climbing. It's a small thing with a big boost.

Bridge words: they make an affirmation flexible and actionable. Input either learning or choosing and you'll transform your stagnant affirmation into fuel. 

  1. · Learning
  2. · Choosing

“I am learning to be a leader.”

"I am learning to be a marketer."

“I am choosing to be my ideal weight.”

“I am learning to be happy.”

"I am choosing to be wealthy."

“I am learning to be strong.”

I challenge you to take a look at your affirmations and input bridge words to make them believable. Doing so enables you to get out of your own way. You are deliberately putting yourself in motion!

Think about it. Bridge words shift rigidity into being flexible. This minor tweak alludes growth and acceptance. 



I challenge you to take a look at your affirmations and input bridge words to make them believable. Put yourself in motion by attaching a daily action to your new and improved affirmation.


One last thing before you go. I am also asking you to redefine how you view self discipline. To reach your goals, you've got to act on them repeatedly. The glue that will hold it all together is self discipline.

Your response to the mental impulse of your dreams, must be an action, otherwise you will waste your affirmations in wonderland. Jim Rohn was right-on when he said, "Affirmations without self discipline is the beginning of delusion."

Recognize that your unconscious may associate discipline with undesirable feelings from childhood. Now that you're an adult, you get to decide what you believe. Anyone that ever accomplished something big, did it with discipline. Redefining discipline will be a huge boost to the achievement of your goals. 

Answer these three questions.

  • What are you learning to be? 
  • What are you choosing to do? 
  • Are you willing to be disciplined to become it? 


De'Anna Nunez is the Author of Burn Your Fat Pants and Never Get Derailed Again: How to Create an Unshakable Mindset. She is a Speaker & Mindset Trainer, Founder of Vitalmind Inc. a personal development organization for leaders.


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