ONE Quote Can Change Your Life

Just tap your finger on your Instagram account and you'll have a plethora of IG friends sharing tips on how to live your life better. It happens on Facebook and Twitter too. We have become as a society conscious of the fact that we could use one another’s help. We realize that we are all trying to figure it out and are no longer afraid to admit it. 

It makes sense though doesn't it? Napoleon Hill said it in Think and Grow Rich. He said, "Deliberately seek the company of those people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire."


The missing piece however is in our action. There are three words that are principles to the development of my program Mind Body Fit Club.  It has helped hundreds of women across the USA love themselves more and care for their health. Those three principles are Desire - Action- Courage. My intention is for them to be absolutely in that order. Take action, before courage. The courage and confidence will always come after we've made the decision, and after we are already in motion. 

Implementation is everything. When you go to college to expand your knowledge, it is worthless if you do nothing with it. Even if you just read a great article, the feel-good feelings last about two minutes and your mind is already on to the next thing (or distraction). The key to our success is in our implementation. 

I have a call to action for you. Do you dare? Read over the awesome quotes from Tony Robbins on this link and choose ONE that you will act on and implement in your life. This will be worth your time, check it out...

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