Powerful Decisions for Your Body: - 9 Quick Confidence Reminders for Women Who Dine Out and Don’t Want to Get Derailed

It’s true. You can enjoy lunches with the girls, a business meeting or a Friday night date, and stay on track. By following these simple reminders, you can feel satisfied and get more fit at the same time. Here are nine quick and savvy reminders that will make dining out a fit and healthy event.

1: Mindset is Key

Deprivation is laced with fear based thinking and it undermines your ability to create sustainable good habits with your food choices. “I can’t have bread, it’s not on my plan.” Well heck, saying or thinking that just makes you want to have it. Use power affirming sentences, such as “I am choosing”. The word choosing brings the reminder that you are feeding your body nutrient-dense foods, on purpose. You can certainly have anything you like, but you are exercising your power to make decisions for your body. Your Mindset is everything to staying fit. Don’t underestimate the power of your words and make an effort to frame out healthy thinking that leans in your favor.  

2: What to do with Waiting Time

If you encounter a wait prior to being seated, order a side-dish of crunchy veggies and accompany it with a faux cocktail.  Ask to add cucumbers to ice water or a fresh strawberry to sparkling water and here’s the clincher…have them put it in a wine glass. OOOO pretty!

Bring comfy shoes and keep the time moving. Some restaurants will accommodate waiting diners by offering to call their cell phone when their table is ready.  Ask your hostess to do the same and take a short stroll around the block to pass the time.


3: Order with Confidence

Check out prospects on the internet; look up their menu and nutritional information.  Being in the know prior to your visit will put you in the power position to choose foods that coincide with how you want to feed your body. Truth is, you can find healthy choices even in a greasy diner when that is your focus.

Always be nice. There is not a server in the world that enjoys dealing with a snobby, nutrition stickler.  Be sure to articulate your questions on how foods are prepared with a smile.  I’ve been known to fib a little and use the ‘ole, “I have food allergies” trick. Servers seem to be much more accommodating when they believe you may have a reenactment of Will Smith in the movie Hitch; they don’t want your face expanding like a blowfish at their table. 

4: Reverse Engineer Your Meal

Enter your dining experience with the end in mind.  Share a meal, or ask for a to-go box when you are placing your order.  Planning ahead to eat just the right amount will make you feel amazingly in control.  Do you want to walk away feeling satisfied, or overly stuffed and regretful? When you make a plan, your mental expectation will help remind you when you are at the point of satisfaction.

5: Be a Smart Investor

It’s entirely possible to drink more calories than your entire meal.  A couple of margarita’s could close in on the one-thousand calorie mark.  Now I don’t like being a calorie counter, that’s no fun, but If alcohol is a must, save your calorie expenditure and order skinny margi’s or a low carb/low sugar alcohol choice.  Clear alcohols are best.

As for going lean with your entrée, remember, have your meats or vegetables prepared grilled or broiled and hold the sauce. If you are craving a favorite dish that you know is a big investment of calories, go ahead and order it, but do so with a strategy.  Along with your entrée, order steamed veggies to accompany. Making vegetables a greater portion of your overall meal is a trick every smart fit chick knows. Upon the arrival of your yummy entree, immediately cut down the portion and ask for the remainder to be put in a take away container. This is a way of having your cake and eating it too.


6: Just say No

We all know saying, “No thank you” to the bread basket or tortilla chips is well intended, but not always done with strong follow through. Oh my, we can totally lose our minds with the smell of bread! Go easy on yourself, behavior scientists are now showing research that will-power is fleeting for everyone, it’s not just you. After a long day at the office, it’s most likely that your will-power has already been depleted. This is no time to see how tough you are, just ask your server at the time of ordering for healthy pre-meal options.  

7: On the Side

You’ve heard this one for years, but perhaps you need a reminder. Order everything on the side. Salad dressings, condiments, butter… on the side. Again, you are giving yourself the power to choose how much. You can also ask for alternative’s like olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salsa or chopped fruit.

8: Include a Stroll

Choose a restaurant in a nice area near a park or a neighborhood with great shops. Including a stroll as part of your dining out can create a magical experience. Open your mind to the possibility of walking from home. Perhaps you had not considered walking the distance? Take along a friend and turn your dining into an adventure.

9: Make Self Discipline Sexy

Decide to have an enjoyable experience.  When your beau is devouring cheesy nachos from across the table, there is a decision to be made. You could choose to feel angry or deprived; it would be only human to initially react in such a way, or you can remind yourself that you have a much bigger plan. Choose a response that aligns with your mission to be your healthiest self. Bringing in the power of choice is what has made women strong for years. Channel Rosy the Riveter and exercise your strength by making self discipline something you actually want to do. It’s sexy!

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