Ditch the Default and Start Living by Your Own Design Today

You’re off the hook. It’s not entirely your fault that you may not be at your healthiest. You have been in a trance; hypnotized by the habits and thinking of your subconscious.  Many of your trance-like states started years ago. Known for bridging science with spirit, Bruce Lipton Phd, says, “Our thoughts are mainly controlled by our subconscious, which is largely formed before the age of 6, and you cannot change the subconscious mind by just thinking about it. That's why the power of positive thinking will not work for most people. The subconscious mind is like a tape player. Until you change the tape, it will not change.”

As a young child you were very receptive, and impressionable. You had not yet developed critical factoring, and therefore you simply took in information, like a sponge. Anyone who had a direct influence in your life—parents, family members, teachers, pastors, and others—constantly conveyed information that you collected unconsciously. You even put your own spin on it! It’s not just what outsiders influenced you with, but how your child-mind perceived that information. It is during this period of early growth that your lifelong belief systems were developed, and behavioral patterns began to grow and mold. Often this information is mis-information and we form untruths about ourselves.

Situations, experiences, people, and words made an impression on you.  How you handle your life now is made up from all of that collective information. As we age, it continues to happen. We are impacted by circumstances such as divorce, death, stress, and even our status quo. Think about the word impression, and what it means. The dictionary describes: Impression: a mark, or imprint. An effect produced, as on the mind or senses, by some force or influence. It is as if there is literally an imprint on your subconscious that represents the patterns of your thinking.

A Mind Body Fit Club member (Vitalmind's fitness division for women) shared, when she was a young girl her mother took her to the Diet Center, a chain of weight loss centers in business in the eighties. She walked from the car observing the sign on the building wondering why they were going there. Before she knew it, she was signed up and being told to eat a selection of their packaged foods. She recalls thinking that her Mom felt the Diet Center would help her. Yet, she had been unaware there was a problem until then. This sent strong messages of inadequacy. She says she remembers thinking, “If I could be skinnier, my Mom will love me more.”

This scenario truly exemplifies how the adults that reared us held great responsibility in influencing our belief systems. Our subconscious minds are shaped and molded by those who have had persuasive influence upon us as children. Every impressionable experience of your life has left a mark or imprint within your subconscious mind. Those imprints cause that familiar voice in your head to speak positively or negatively to you. In terms of managing a healthy body weight, have you ever said?

“I can’t do it.”

“I’ve already blown it, I might as well eat the whole thing now.”

“I don’t have time to exercise, I’m too busy.”

“Just this one brownie”

“As I age, I keep gaining weight.”

“Screw it, I’m fat anyway”

Many of those words in your head are not even your own. How many times have you said something and as it falls out of your mouth, you realize you sound just like your mother or your father? Ah Hah! You have an imprint.

Your history can also influence you in positive ways, and perhaps you love that you have taken on certain characteristics from your rearing. That’s a great thing! That outcome is what we strive for as parents. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Sometimes the opinions of others were strong, and miscommunicated. The original intention may have been positive, but as the message flowed downstream into your little mind, it was received as something entirely different. Often with the filter of, “I must not be good enough.”

I know for sure that I want to be my own woman, expressing myself from my personal beliefs and values, not a parrot repeating what I’ve been told, or a puppet dancing a jig from another person’s decisions. I believe that is how I have become a whole woman; by sorting through the opinions of others, the labels put on me as a child, taking a look at my own habits and deciding for myself who I am and want to be. Plato said, "The unexamined life is not worth living." Wouldn’t you like your beliefs to be your own, and not adopted from someone else? The belief change process can be an empowering and life changing experience that gives you the ability to design your own life. I love it so much, I have spent my adult life facilitating this process for the most amazing people. 

In his parable book, The Ant and the Elephant, respected author and Olympian Vince Poscente explains the relationship between the conscious, and the subconscious mind, in my opinion, more simply and beautifully than anyone. He tells the story of Adir and Elgo both searching for meaning in their lives, and how they found hope and success in finding each other.

The ant represents the conscious mind, and the elephant, the mighty and powerful subconscious. The little ant spends his whole life on a relentless journey to find the promise land, when he shockingly discovers his life’s pursuit has been spent on the back of the elephant. It’s a good read, and I highly recommend spending a quick two hours with it. It gives a metaphoric understanding of how the conscious and subconscious minds work together. We often spend so much time thinking it’s our will-power that needs to change, while all along a much greater power is keeping us from achieving our goal.

Your mind is like a computer.  The conscious mind is you sitting at your desk manipulating the software, and information in your computer.  You decipher facts, add and delete, think in black and white, and make decisions based on the stored information. While your subconscious is like the hard drive. It does not analyze the information; it simply stores the content.

Imagine the hard drive content is all of your life experiences. Perhaps you experienced a controlling mother, or an abusive parent or family member—sexual, physical, emotional or otherwise.  Maybe you had lack of a parent altogether, and experienced the hardships of that reality. From the lows of childhood trauma, to the highs of achievement throughout your rearing, both good and bad, all of it made an impression, and it is the stored data in your hard drive.

The information and experiences that are stored in the subconscious mind, or your hard drive, have formed the foundation of your belief systems. These belief systems either propel you forward, or they hold you back. They can be shifted into a new perception by using modalities that align with the subconscious. Hypnosis and NLP are two of the most powerful tools for creating subconscious integration. True transformation. 

I'd love for you to see yourself in this article. What are some of your default thinking patterns that are old and tired? They really don't align with who you are anymore?  

Apply one of the following forms of expression 

Top 7 Methods languages of the subconscious: 

  1. repetition
  2. creativity
  3. voicing truths
  4. emotion
  5. visualization
  6. imagination
  7. forgiveness / empathy

Let's celebrate!  Honor your journey and give yourself permission to design your life, from this moment forward in the spirit of your best health, creativity and expression. 


by De'Anna Nunez 2017

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