How to Fast Track Your Dreams Into Goals in 2 Minutes or Less

Would you like to fast track your dreams into goals, Yet you are unsure of where start? Here is a Mindset Hack that can get you there.

It’s called the Power of AS IF.

Here’s what to do: Reverse engineer your goal.

Start by getting a visual of who you’d like to be as the expanded version of yourself. Perhaps you’d like to land that promotion, start a business, shed 50lbs or just have more love in your life?

Next, get a blank sheet of paper. Draw a horizontal timeline with two dots on either end. One for the present moment, and one for your future self. Write your goal above like a big flashing Vegas sign.

Now, like a science experiment, examine your future self. What are the elements that make it what it is?

For example…In order to maintain a 50 lbs weight loss, you would have different habits than you do now. To be 50lbs lighter, what must you believe about yourself?

On your paper, write out a list answering these three questions about your future self. (insert a graphic of the questions)

1.       What do you do with your time?

2.       What do you believe about yourself? 

3.       How do you behave?

Once you’ve got that, draw an arrow backwards into the present moment. Essentially, you are borrowing the thinking and actions of that future self.

This is the power of AS IF.

You act and think AS IF you have what you want now. You’ve taken a big elusive- woowoo idea and attached a real support system. It is the roots to your growth.

We know your future self has practiced confidence to get where he or she is. I invite you to…

Step in today….as if you have the courage.

Take action….as if you know the next choice to make.

Be it today …as if you’ve seen your future and you are giving it legs.

We all know and love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

The way to accomplish that is acting As If. Turn your dreams into things you can do.