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Your Crime is Driving While Female

I got up and ran seven miles this morning. It was blissful. Afterwards, with a latte in hand, I searched and watched videos showing all the women’s marches across the world. I came across the Saudi women who laced up their running shoes just like I did this morning. But for them, it was a big deal to show their faces. They took to the streets celebrating women's equality. One of the videos I watched was a story about a woman demanding her right to drive. She drove across the Saudi border, on purpose, secretly filming the experience. She was arrested and charged with the crime, driving while female.  We are so blessed in the United States, but our work is not done ladies. 

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Women do things differently than men. Not better, nor worse in my opinion. But different. Our protests will be different too. Yesterday was International Women's Day and the female spirit came out in droves.  The various groups of women uniquely displayed their chants, props and attitudes. I urge you to google Women's International Day and watch some of the video footage from all over the world. You'll find it to be incredibly moving.  Here's one>

Just the other day, I was at the UClub, a respected business/social club that I love. A man in a booth behind me said something derogatory about women in business. I literally leaned out of my booth and locked eyes with him. He immediately squirmed and laughed, and said he was kidding. Really? Even if you are kidding. What's the point of spreading negativity like that? It only makes you look like an ass. Everyone is entitled to their perspective of course, but hey we're all on this planet together. Let's learn to respect one another. I know some amazing, kind and compassionate male leaders. I'm sure you do too? We need more of those.

We have an opportunity to influence the change of MINDSET that is necessary for equality. We do this by being inclusive, communicate our perspective and stories, stand up for equality, and forge forward with our talents, skillsets and feminine leadership. We respect one another. We are equal. 

The Flip Side> In eighth grade, I experienced the wrath of mean girls. They made me want to retreat, hide, and ditch school so that I could escape the false rumors, and negative energy. Those girls did not show their best sides. I let that experience completely ruin my love for school and I struggled all the way through high school because of it. I forgive them. We were all immature and growing into ourselves. Twenty years later when I started gathering women together for Mind Body Fit Club everything changed for me. I learned to create deep connection, be nonjudgmental and love deeper than I ever have. That experience opened me up and led me to Hera Hub  and Hera Labs where I worked alongside amazingly driven, ambitious, beautiful, talented entrepreneurial women from all races. They blew my mind and opened up my view and perspective of just how great women can be as a tribe. We are powerful and supportive in ways that has not been the norm for men in business. There are also incredible groups like Sash Squad and Girl Side Chats led by women business owners with the desire to influence through community. 

I honor the courage and strength, creative and thoughtful spirit of women. They hustle with all their heart. Ladies, I ask of you to dig deep inside. Next time you are flustered by a man's perspective, or you feel that push back from years of inequality, use your talent, your voice and your feminine leadership to show them the new way. The world literally cannot exist without us. Let's unite and show the planet how amazingly talented we are. Not with our anger, but with our invitation to rise above, educate and develop the new narrative. Lastly, by June 24th, 2018 women in Saudi Arabia will have the right to drive. Let's celebrate with them.