Are you truly performing with a Vital Mindset?

Your performance, essentially, the focus of how you show up to your life, is vital to your business, vital to your health, vital to your happiness and satisfaction.

Science reveals your mind is cycling in subconscious patterns. Is it producing your desired result at work, in your body, your home life?

The goal as your Peak Performance Hypnotist, is to WAKE UP your subconscious assets and faciliate a signature process that builds a mental and emotional infrastructure for executing on your goals and achieving next-level success, all the while maintaining a healthy balance…. and even a new joy for life!

Our process is especially applicable to:

  • Business professionals (individuals and teams) with a goal to strengthen focus, develop success mindset and habits

  • Busy professionals with a goal to maintain a mindset for health, vitality and balance.

  • Every day extraordinary people with a goal to live their best life.

A vital mindset determines the journey.

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She really connected well with our employees. Great lady. Great presentation. Great message. Wonderful enthusiasm. We loved her.”

- Kinnan Stockton, President of First State Bank Texas

De’Anna did a tremendous job at our team meeting. The visualization techniques she took us through and linking it back to our team meeting goal were absolutely fantastic. A powerful session.”

-Chris Gruttadauria, Vice President of Human Resources, Alliance Healthcare Services

De’Anna is passionate about life. It’s contagious! She fills the room with energy! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that powerful impact?

De’Anna has a gift connecting right away with her audience! I call it a gift but even more so she has prepared and knows in advance who her audience is and just how important that impact will be! Our group loved De’Annas presentation! Many commented not just about the entertainment value but her ability to deeply connect with life attributes that have a commonality with those in attendance!

-Merrilee Neal, Susan G. Komen San Diego Board of Directors

De’Anna is the real deal! She lives what she preaches! De’Anna literally helped me gain perspectives on all these areas of my life! I was stuck on why I couldn’t get healthy. She gave me the necessary tools I needed for my breakthroughs! So far 17.7 lbs healthier and looking forward to more! Love this gal for saving my life!!”

-Martha Munoz, CEO of Medcare Personnel

De’Anna helped me out quite a bit when I was first trying to figure out how to find my audience. I highly recommend everyone follow her and hire her for any event if you want to be blown away and love your experience.

Can’t say enough great things!

- James Pesch, James Pesch Consulting

De’Anna is a very down to earth person. She cares about the person/people who she is speaking to and is willing to help in any way she can. Her knowledge and experience makes her a true professional.”

-Brian Schwartz, Professional Hypnotist

Amazing individual, that exceeds expectation! I heard about her work with several Marine Corps units over the years while I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I also plan to be a speaker and life coach so I reached out to her for mentorship and what I received was almost like a program that instantly helped me gain more coaching clients and speaking engagements within a few weeks. I still have a lot of homework to do that she assigned, so I can only imagine what that will result in. Can’t say thanks enough, especially when I consider how many people are competing for her time and wisdom! Thank you De’Anna!”

- Sergeant Major Max Garcia, US Marine Corps


All TRAININGS have a focus of MINDSET helping you achieve higher levels of success in all aspects of work and life- leadership, confidence and mindset mastery.

Topics: visionary goal achievement process, balanced energy, purposeful productivity, vital habits

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My work is solution focused to reveal and recode subconscious setpoints so you can achieve higher levels of success without sacrificing health or purpose-driven performance in work and life. 

Subconscious Setpoints are a Mindset paradigm or habit that is limiting your best performance or leadership ability.  Many people call them...mental blocks and they are easier than you think to BREAK THRU! My techniques work fast and efficiently.

Ready to uplevel your confidence and trust yourself with more responsibility?

I teach proven formulas that WAKE UP YOUR BEST so you can fuel your work and life goals with your own unique awesome and truly internalize your goals.

Imagine feeling actual fulfillment and satisfaction knowing you're doing purposeful work, making a meaningful difference that matters. 

I've developed vital tools that can create a MINDSET shift fast and effectively. 

  • The 5 MINUTE FOCUS method

  • The VISIONARY GOAL technique

  • The ONE VITAL HABIT process  

  • The VALUES-CENTERED exercise


If you could be 30%, 50% or even 75% more effective in your mindset, would you be willing to learn my proven methodology?

You will learn. Laugh. Implement your best mind-power assets. We have fun together! 

I offer:

  • Transformational keynotes with applicable takeways for Corporate, Franchise and Entrepreneurial Groups

  • Edutainment Shows 

  • Half day and Full day Trainings

  • Seminars and Group Programs

  • Private Transformation Programs for 1:1 individuals

De'Anna Speaks to International Audiences

Educational and fun too!

Celebrating over a dozen successful contracts with Norwegian Cruise Lines: Edutainment Presentations and Mindset Seminars presenting techniques to Wake Up Your Best Life!