"Your mindset will determine your journey.  Will you accelerate or fall short in performance along the way? I teach you how to tap into your subconscious to internalize your goals and breakthrough mental blocks.”

- De'Anna J. Nunez

"She really connected well with our employees. Great lady. Great show. Great message. Wonderful enthusiasm. We loved her."

- Kinnan Stockton, President of First State Bank Texas

Join De’Anna for her weekly LIVE Vital Mind Trainings!

All LIVE TRAININGS have a focus of MINDSET helping you achieve higher levels of success in all aspects of work and life- leadership, healthy weight management, confidence and money mastery.

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My work is solution focused to reveal and recode subconscious setpoints so you can achieve higher levels of success without sacrificing health or purpose-driven performance in work and life. 

Subconscious Setpoints are a Mindset paradigm or habit that is limiting your best performance or leadership ability.  Many people call them...mental blocks and they are easier than you think to BREAK THRU! My techniques work fast and efficiently.

Ready to uplevel your confidence and trust yourself with more responsibility?

I teach proven formulas that WAKE UP YOUR BEST so you can fuel your work and life goals with your own unique awesome and truly internalize your goals.

Imagine feeling actual fulfillment and satisfaction knowing you're doing purposeful work, making a meaningful difference that matters. 

I've developed vital tools that can create a MINDSET shift fast and effectively. 

  • The 5 MINUTE FOCUS method

  • The VISIONARY GOAL technique

  • The ONE AMAZING HABIT process  

  • The VALUES-CENTERED exercise


If you could be 30, 50 or even 75% more effective in your mindset, would you be willing to learn my proven methodology?

You will learn. Laugh. Implement your best mind-power assets. We have fun together! 

I offer:

  • Transformational keynotes with applicable takeways for Corporate, Franchise and Entrepreneurial Groups

  • Edutainment Shows 

  • Half day and Full day Trainings

  • Seminars and Group Programs

  • Private Transformation Programs for 1:1 individuals

De'Anna has presented for...


De'Anna Speaks to International Audiences

Educational and fun too!

De'Anna is celebrating 12 successful contracts with Norwegian Cruise Lines this year; Edutainment Shows and Mindset Seminars presenting techniques to Live Your Best Life!